Benefits of Regular Roofing Inspections

Because your home or business’s roof lies way above your line of vision, you often don’t think about it. And, that’s okay. You have enough going on in your busy life that the sign of a great residential or commercial roof is little-to-no maintenance required.

Here at IronHead Roofing, Oregon’s fastest growing roofing company, we offer regular roofing inspections that help maintain the health of your roofing system. Below, we’ll go over some of the many benefits of regular roofing inspections. Call to schedule today!



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Discover Roof Damage Early

Because you never think about your roof and rarely climb up on top of it, damage to your roof could go unnoticed for quite some time. If this happens, a small leak or hole perhaps could grow and eventually cause substantial damage to your home or business’s roof in Oregon that could be quite costly. Roofing inspections involve your local roofer looking for any dents, damage, corrosion, or missing flashing that could have been blown off your roof.


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Documentation of Your Roof’s Condition for Insurance Claims

If a storm rolls through Oregon and you suspect storm damage to your roof, you’ll definitely need a roofing inspection, which most insurance companies require prior to paying out claims. Roofing inspections document all of the damage and submit detailed reports to your roofing company, along with a cost estimate for roofing repairs. This helps your insurance company make valid and prompt claims. Additionally, knowing the condition of your roof before a storm helps validate your roof damage claims, too.


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You’ll Improve the Longevity of Your Roofing System

Simply by repairing small leaks, dents, and holes and replacing damaged roofing materials promptly, you’ll extend the life of your residential or commercial roof in Oregon by years, if not decades.  This is because small leaks can cause major structural damage to your roof over time that is costly to replace. Roof rot of beams and water-logged decking are examples of essential roofing components that are expensive to replace.

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You’ll Have Peace of Mind

With regular roofing inspections in Oregon, you’ll know exactly the condition of your home or office’s roof with regular roof inspections, which helps you know when you’ll need a new roof. This can help you prepare financially for the cost of a new roof, and it offers you peace of mind that when the next storm hits, your roof will be ready to withstand the punch.


You’ll Save Money

All of these aforementioned small savings can add up big time over the lifetime of your roof. You’ll extend the lifespan of your roof, saving you money on a roof replacement. You’ll save on major roofing repairs, which is extra money in your pocketbook. And, you’ll save money on the hassle a roof replacement causes since most often leaving your home during the banging is your best bet. Truly, regular roof inspections pay for themselves.


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Validates Your Roof’s Warranty

Many warranties that come with new roofing materials require a professional roofing inspection to be done once a year. The reason for this is because the roofing material manufacturer wants to ensure those little signs of damage are repaired, so they don’t face a major roofing claim down the road due to preventable damage. This also ensures your roof’s warranty won’t be voided for any reason.


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Ensures Proper Drainage

Many people don’t truly understand the value their gutters offer them. The job of gutters is to siphon off water from your roof and release it far away from your home or office’s foundations. This ensures your home or office does not flood and the foundation of your building stays solid and does not sink. Plus, regular roof inspections ensure nothing is clogging your gutters, which can cause water to pool on your roof and cause roof leaks down the road.


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IronHead Roofing is a local roofing contractor serving all of Oregon, including Albany, Salem, Eugene, and Corvallis. We are proud to offer the best residential and commercial roofing inspections that help keep your repair bills low and your roofs in top-notch condition. We offer many other roofing services, including residential and commercial roofing installations, repairs, replacements, and storm damage repairs. Our experienced local roofers work efficiently to ensure your roof is done in a timely manner without cutting corners. We give back to our community by donating to the Wounded Warrior Project and helping local fundraisers, too. We are proud to be Oregon’s fastest growing roofing company.


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