How to Choose A Roofing Contractor


When it comes to your roof, your choice of a roofing contractor is imperative. First of all, you don’t get a residential or commercial roof all that often. Secondly, your roof’s job is to protect everything beneath it from the elements, storms, accidental fires, and anything else that threatens its security and safety. Thus, when looking for the best roofing contractor in Oregon, there are definitely some characteristics to be on the lookout for.

IronHead Roofing in Oregon offers the best local roofing services for homes and businesses. From roof repairs and installations to storm repairs, we’ve got your needs covered. Below, we’ll take a look at some useful tips on how to choose a local roofing contractor for your Oregon home or business. Contact us for a free quote today!



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You’ll want to choose a local roofing company with experience. There’s more to installing or repairing a roof than just placing shingles or other roofing materials down. Every residential and commercial roofing job will be different, and you want a roofing contractor that has the knowledge and the skills to handle the differences swimmingly.


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Insured In Your Area

You’ll want to be sure that your local Oregon roofing contractor is licensed and insured. Insurance protects you from any liability if an injury were to occur to someone while on your property. It also protects your home should damage be done by a roofing contractor during the roofing job. Plus, it’s good that the company has workers compensation to cover their employees should an injury occur.


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Licensed in Your Area

A small business usually has to be licensed by local municipalities in order to conduct business. However, this may not always be the case. See if local roofers are required to be licensed before you agree to hire a roofing contractor.

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Willing To Write An Estimate 

You’ll always want to get the cost of your roofing service in Oregon in writing. Any roofing contractor that won’t do this is usually one you should pass up. A written estimate will lay out the costs of the roofing materials, labor, and the final price to perform the roofing service. Plus, it should lay out payment terms, a list of subcontractors (if any), and terms of service.


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Good Reviews

In truth, good reviews are one of the best ways to gauge the outcome of your local Oregon roofing service. If the roofing company has an overwhelming number of outstanding reviews, odds are, they are reputable and worth considering. If a roofing contractor has too many poor reviews, they should be passed over.


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Find Out About Warranties

If you are installing a new residential or commercial roof for your Oregon property, the roofing materials themselves will come with manufacturer’s warranties. Ask about the length of the warranties and the specifics. Also, find out if the local roofing contractor offers a craftsmanship/workmanship warranty in addition to the materials warranty. This should cover any error made by installation or other roofing services.


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Look at Their Past Work

Many roofers keep portfolios of their past roofing services. This is great for customers as it can give them ideas on the types of roofing materials they may want for their roof, but it also shows you the quality of the roofing job. Visiting the websites and social media channels of local roofing contractors in Oregon is another great way to see their past work.


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As Oregon’s fastest growing local roofing company IronHead Roofing offers a myriad of local roofing services to meet your needs. From roofing replacement and maintenance to emergency roofing services, our team of local roofers can help ensure your roof will withstand anything thrown its way. In addition, we offer siding services, along with multi-family roofing services. We are proud to be a preferred roofing contractor for Owens Corning, Allura Siding, and James Hardie.


Our local roofing company is extremely active in our community. We believe in giving back by helping to support other local businesses, non-profits, and causes. We are extremely grateful to be able to serve others, and by giving back, we believe we are helping those who allow us to do what we are passionate about doing.

We offer local roofing services throughout Oregon, from Corvallis to Albany and beyond. To get started, reach out to us for a free estimate today!